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Law School Student’s Motivation in Studying Law

Studying law is not only challenging, but it requires a lot of commitment and hard work. Many students who opt to study law often do not make it through the three or four years of school and drop out early. Others change their field when they realize they are not intelligent enough for it. Studying law can be an overwhelming…read more →

What Happens to a Personal Injury Award in a Divorce?

Personal injury lawsuit awards are often treated differently in a divorce, depending on the state. However, most states use an analytic approach that usually evaluates each component of a personal injury award based on what is being recovered. At least a portion may be considered community property and included in all assets. Liabilities are also divided in a divorce case,…read more →

Relocation Cases After a Divorce

Relocation or Move-Away cases are some of the most complex and emotionally exhausting matters of Family Law. Whether it is a parent who wishes to move out of town or out of state with the child or children, or it is a case of child relocation, the cases are extremely difficult not only for the parties involved, but also for…read more →

The Best Interest of the Child

In Arizona child custody cases, the court uses the standard called The Best Interests of a Child. A number of factors are considered by the court to determine what is in the best interests of a child or children in a divorce case. Some of these factors are listed below: The relationship the child has with each parent, as well…read more →

What is Umbrella Coverage and How Does it Protect Me?

The purpose of insurance is intended to protect individuals or businesses for a variety of reasons such as house fires, car accidents, lawsuits against companies, and many more. But what happens when your insurance is not enough to cover all of the costs associated with the claim? Many people ask the question, “what is umbrella coverage?” As Aaron Crane, an…read more →

Process of getting a divorce in Florida

In Florida, any person can file for divorce without having to allege that their spouse indulged in some specific wrongdoing. Nevertheless, courts in Florida can consider allegations of ‘fault’ or wrongdoing when they are considering the amount of alimony to award. However, in order to file for divorce in Florida, at least one spouse has to be a resident of…read more →

What is a Paternity Test? Why would you need to do one?

A paternity test is a procedure that compares the DNA of a child and a man in order to determine if that man is the child’s father. There are a few methods how this can be done, which will depend whether or not the child has already been born. If the mother has already given birth, than a DNA sample…read more →

Guardianship and Severance of Parental Rights

David Cantor explains Guardianship and Severance of Parental Rights in Arizona: Guardianship can serve as an effective solution for families facing challenging situations. Some families establish guardianships over minor children in order to enroll the children in a better school district. Guardianship may also allow children to benefit from the guardian’s health insurance. Guardianship can also maintain family continuity in times…read more →

Alimony or Spousal Support in Arizona When You Don’t Have Children

David Cantor explains Alimony or Spousal Support in Arizona:   When you get divorced, spousal support may be ordered, even if you don’t have children. Unlike child support though, spousal support is not an automatic entitlement. There are factors that must be present to warrant an order of maintenance. When a couple separates, often one of you is left in…read more →

Best Books for Children of Divorce

This is a Guest Post courtesy of Charles R. Ullman & Associates of North Carolina. Dealing with a divorce can be quite challenging, even in the best of circumstances. This is especially true for children, who often do not have the tools in place to deal with a divorce in a healthy and appropriate manner. Even though two parents may face…read more →

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