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High Risk Jobs That Cost You More Than You Make

It’s the American dream to be employed at an establishment that have job security, a home, family, and kids. Jobs are the one of the main factors of the foundation that we plan our life around so how important would you consider your current position?

There are many factors that can consider your current position a high-risk job. Whether it’s salary, safety, or time away from your family. It’s key to remember a few of what makes your job a high-risk position or not. Take into consideration the factors found below:

Salary vs. Risk

Often people consider the higher pay salary jobs despite the high risk. For instance, in 2012 the Bureau of Labor Statistics identified four industries with a remarkably high risk of injury that outweighed the rate of return in wages. These industries were identified as transportation, manufacturing, construction, and even farming.

The rate of risk can be a bit of a turn off to many people in terms of being able to provide for their families. If a worker in one of these industries were to suffer an injury, they might have to consider workers’ compensation to assist in limited assistance. Also, workers may also be entitled Social Security Disability Insurance or pursue personal injury against their employer in regards to negligence.

The Price on Safety

Many people might think that having this type of net is enough security; however often their compensation can be outweighed drastically by hospital bills, medical bills, and suffering. In times where you feel that your safety is a concern, it’s important to communicate this to your employer to keep yourself and others in a position where they’re out of harm’s way. Making a choice to overlook your safety and the safety of others can end up costing you and your family.

Work vs. Family

Many of us require a high paying job to support the needs of our family. This is certainly a major concern for parenting, especially if they’re making the higher income. Families depend on the routine of steady paychecks to sustain their way of living; however, it’s vital that the family member assuming this role makes time for their family when they’re off the clock.

Jobs can be the result of your absence in the home. Although your steady income is doing its job for the family you still need to maintain a healthy balance between the two. Don’t mistake your paycheck as a substitute of your presence. This can be the result of marital issue and have your children feeling as though you’re not around enough.

Although there are many risks with almost any job, it’s important to consider these factors to sustain a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Your work life and personal life require a balance that keeps your family a top priority as well as your safety. Be sure to communicate effectively with your employer if you find yourself in a situation where your safety could be compromised.





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