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How long does a Divorce Take in Arizona?

David Cantor explains how long a Divorce can take in Arizona:

The length of time for a divorce to be completed in Arizona can vary widely due to several different factors. Best case scenario is 61 days. If you serve your Petition for Dissolution and the other party does not respond, you then must file a Notice of Default, which allows them another 10 days to respond. If they ignore the Notice of Default, it then depends on the judge and the court as to how long it will take to enter the final order and file a Decree of Dissolution. The minimum amount of time is 61 days. This will also be the minimum time frame for amicable divorces in which the parties agree to all terms and it is simply a matter of filing all of the appropriate paperwork with the court and having the judge sign off on it.

If the divorce is contested, the time frame for completion is dependent on many different factors. Most divorces can take six months to a year, however, complex divorces involving large assets, businesses, or children can take several years. There are multiple issues in a divorce that can be disputed and all issues must be agreed upon before the final Decree of Dissolution is entered with the court.

In order to get a clear picture of the financial aspect of the marriage, discovery will need to be conducted and can take a minimum of six months to complete. Businesses need to have a valuation performed and possible forensic accounting. QDROs need to be prepared in order to divide retirement accounts. Homes and property need to be appraised. Financial Affidavits must be submitted outlining both parties’ assets and debts. Depositions may also be required in order to gain information surrounding issues of contention.

Disagreeing over child custody can cause a divorce to drag on as well. There are many factors involved in child custody, including both legal custody and physical custody issues. Developing a child custody order or parenting plan to address each and every issue can be very time consuming.

Going through a divorce is incredibly stressful and a divorce lawyer can help ease a lot of the stress by dealing with the other spouse and their attorney. They can also ensure every base is covered for you in the final order.

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