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The Main Reasons Why People Get Divorced

Marriage is not always a bed of roses and not all marriages end up being happily ever after kind of scenarios. It is estimated that over 50% of marriages in the United States end in divorce. It is a hard pill to swallow especially for someone who is about to get married or is already happily married. Many people believe that infidelity is the leading cause of divorce however that is not the case. According to studies, communication problems between the spouses is the number one reason that marriages fail across the country. Some of the common reasons that may be attributed to the rising rate of divorce are:

Getting Married For The Wrong Reasons

People who marry for money often end up divorcing quickly or so, the urban legend states. People who get divorced generally fail to address the problems in the relationship at the outset and the problems keep on compounding themselves over time thereby resulting in a dissolution of the marriage. It is therefore necessary to get married for the right reasons.

Lack Of Individuality In Co-Dependent Relationships

Familiarity breeds contempt. Co-dependent relationship are generally not healthy. When individuals don’t have their own interests at heart or the opportunity to express themselves outside of the institution of marriage, they may experience serious discomfort. Whereas sharing time and experiences with your partner is essential to any marriage it is also necessary to preserve individual interests and identities for both parties.

Not Sharing Long Term Goals As A Family

There are times when people no longer share the same goals and aspirations that they might have shared once upon a time. It may also be a situation where both spouses are poles apart in terms of conduct and demeanor. One spouse may be a spendthrift whereas the other may be saving pennies and abhor wasteful spending. Differences of opinions can often get elevated into arguments or fights thereby leading to the dissolution of a marriage.

Loss Of Intimacy

If a marriage undergoes even the most subtle of changes in the intimacy department, that is bound to have a profound impact on the status of the relationship. Not being reactive to a partner’s needs and wants can trigger a downward spiral which may sound the death knell for the marriage. Generally, as long as the needs and desires of both parties are being met, the marriage continues in a steady manner. However, if there is a loss of intimacy for any reason whatsoever it can lead to estrangement of the couple and ultimately lead to a divorce.

Financial Issues

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not lack of finances which can cause a divorce but the lack of mutual compatibility on how to handle finances that causes conflict. If 2 people have wholly different ideas and aspirations with regard to their financial situation then it is a primary source of conflict which can escalate to the point where a divorce would be construed as the logical outcome. When and if people try to coerce their spouse into making an involuntary decision against their better judgement, it is a recipe for disaster.

If you are contemplating a separation or divorce then it is critical that you contact an experienced and competent family law attorney to evaluate your legal and jurisdictional needs and determine how best to proceed in your particular situation.

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