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Division of Assets in Divorce between Older Couples

Owing to the issues involving marriage, older couples also get a divorceas the young couples do, however, their considerations may be unique and not as prominent as among younger couples. A report published by Bowling Green State University the divorce rate between older people has grown from 1990 to 2010, more interestingly; the divorce rate is higher in remarriages than…read more →

What are the different kinds of Child Custody Agreements?

Almost everyone is familiar with the term child custody and is also aware of its meaning, but the types of child custody are known to few. People find it strange when they learn that the grant of child custody given to parents or guardians can have different types, including: Physical Custody Legal Custody Sole Custody Joint Custody Let’s learn about…read more →

Things To Consider Before Filing For Divorce

Preparing for an impending divorce is an important step before initiating the divorce process. The more information you have, the better prepared you are for the long and arduous road ahead. People generally do not know much about divorce. In starting the divorce process, they don’t have a clue what it long term actually means for them, their family, and…read more →

Settling A Divorce In A Community Property State

Going through a divorce involves a myriad of details that are difficult to deal with, division of property may be one of the hardest. Separating property and assets that a couple has accumulated throughout their years of marriage can be emotionally trying. While some couples are able to amicably discuss the division of their items and reach a settlement on…read more →

Potential Alternatives To A Contested Divorce In Arizona

Contested divorces generally occur when the spouses do not respond to each other or disagree with the grounds cited for divorce or have issues regarding the allocation of parental responsibilities, child support, spousal maintenance or issues regarding distribution of marital assets, such as retirement plans and family-owned businesses. Whether a divorce is contested or uncontested depends upon the feelings the…read more →

Suitable Child Custody Arrangements After A Divorce In California

Going through a divorce can be a potentially life altering circumstance for both parties involved. Both spouses generally feel hurt and wronged by their significant other. These feelings that both spouses foster towards each other during the divorce proceedings often cloud their judgment thereby making it extremely difficult for them distinguish between good and bad decisions. However, if there are…read more →

The Main Reasons Why People Get Divorced

Marriage is not always a bed of roses and not all marriages end up being happily ever after kind of scenarios. It is estimated that over 50% of marriages in the United States end in divorce. It is a hard pill to swallow especially for someone who is about to get married or is already happily married. Many people believe…read more →

Avoid these mistakes when working with a divorce attorney

When you hold an attorney for any legal issue like separation or divorce, the legal counselor is morally accused of holding what you say to him/her as private and can’t discuss your case out in the open without your assent. Separation lawyers endeavor to accomplish great and reasonable outcomes for their customers. Great customers value the exertion, regardless of the…read more →

What Are the Different Types of Vehicle Collisions That Can Take Place?

The manifestation of a vehicle collision can be seen in various ways. Car crashes can happen for many different reasons and can cause a number of injuries. The Miami personal injury attorneys has seen their share of car accidents throughout their years in practice and have represented thousands of vehicle crash victims.  These are some of the main types of…read more →

High Risk Jobs That Cost You More Than You Make

It’s the American dream to be employed at an establishment that have job security, a home, family, and kids. Jobs are the one of the main factors of the foundation that we plan our life around so how important would you consider your current position? There are many factors that can consider your current position a high-risk job. Whether it’s…read more →

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