Child Custody in Arizona

Whether they decide to separate or formally divorce, any kind of a marriage break up is an intense and emotionally sensitive time for both parties. However when children and child custody rights are involved the whole gamut of separation and divorce becomes immediately more complicated. Amidst the many legalities and issues to be ironed out the children must of course become the priority and it is for the parents, with help from the court system, to make sure this works out smoothly. With so many issues to be taken into consideration, the court must have possession of the full facts as laid out before the judge in order to make the wisest decision on behalf of the children.

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Child Custody Process in Arizona

The courts in Arizona have a set process as it pertains to child custody matters. When courts in Arizona resolve child custody situations during legal separation, divorce or based upon petition for child custody amendment due to a change in circumstances of one or both of the parents, there are certain key factors which must be considered: the most important of which is who is best suited to keep legal custody and who will have physical custody of the child or children. In the US the definition of legal custody can be both sole and joint custody and clearly states which parent will be the decision-maker with regard to education, healthcare, religious faith and more. Physical custody generally refers to how time with the child or children will be divided between the parents.

Child Custody in Arizona is defined under Arizona State Law, Title 25, Chapter 4, Article 1, Section 25-403: the court has a duty of care and is bound to review the following as part of child custody determination and according to the best interests of the child or children involved:

  • The wishes of the child and both parents.
  • The continuing relationship, rapport and bond between the child and each of the parents. Also important here is the child’s connection to other siblings and half-siblings and other family members who could considerably influence the child’s best interests.
  • The child’s feelings towards their current home, locale, school, friends and neighborhood in general.
  • All round emotional and bodily health of all concerned.
  • A professional assessment will be carried out as to which parent is more likely to encourage regular, quality access time with the other parent. However, this issue will not be considered if visitation with the other parent is likely to place the child in danger of child abuse or to witness any act of violence.
  • Consideration will be given to the parent who has been the primary care giver.
  • Whether any parent used intimidation in any form or brought pressure to bear in order to attain a custody agreement.
  • Whether both parents have fully complied with Title 25, Chapter 3, Article 5 “Domestic Relations Education on Children’s issues.”
  • Whether there has been, currently or in the past, untrue reporting regarding child abuse and/or neglect.
  • Whether there have been, currently or in the past, genuine instances of child abuse and/or neglect.

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