Child Custody Agreement Modification Arizona

While divorce inevitably leads to changing family circumstances, a parent’s desire to support and care for his or her child in the best way possible remains constant.

For all parents, issues relating to child custody are a prime concern during divorce proceedings. Divorcing couples that have children must reach an agreement or settlement regarding each child’s custody and future care, and the courts must approve this agreement. A wide range of issues relating to the care and upbringing of the child must be agreed upon, including child custody and visitation rights. When agreement is reached, the terms of the custody agreement are usually detailed in the decree of dissolution/final judgment. Once approved by the courts, the terms of the child custody agreement (or joint parenting plan, if joint custody has been granted) are legally enforceable, and can only be modified via the court system, should circumstances and/or parental wishes change.

Can a Child Custody Agreement be Modified?

The answer to can child custody agreements be modified is, Yes! When parents feel that an existing child custody agreement requires modification, the best possible outcome for their children is naturally at the forefront of their minds. Seeking professional help from an experienced Child Custody Modification lawyer who specializes in litigation, is an essential first step in bringing about their desired result. It is possible to ‘do it yourself’ custody modification, but the reason you hire a lawyer is for their knowledge, and experience with custody matters. Since we file child custody modification forms and documents regularly with Arizona courts, you will also save yourself time when you hire us for your case.

For a service that is caring and effective, the Cantor Law Group’s child custody attorneys are experts in the field of child custody modification law. An established and prestigious legal firm, we have been AV® Rated by Martindale-Hubbell®, listed in the Bar Register of Pre-Eminent Lawyers® and have over 70 years of combined experience. We are also a Member of the Arizona’s Finest Lawyers® group. Representing clients in the field of divorce and child custody, our attorneys consistently produce the best possible outcome in cases of child custody modification. By drawing upon a wealth of knowledge, built up through our wide experience of child custody modifications, we are always able to achieve results that are in the best interests of both our clients and their children.

Clients invariably find that our attorneys are remarkably receptive to their needs – while our lawyers fight aggressively in court to obtain the best possible outcome in each and every case, they are also mindful of the fact that seeking child custody modification can be an extremely difficult process for parents to go through, and conduct all client transactions in a sensitive, caring manner. Our initial meeting with clients involves gathering together all the relevant information, answering clients’ questions and deciding on the best way to proceed with the case.

Child Custody Modification Hearing

Child custody modification hearings also require testimony from an expert witness, in the form of a child evaluation professional. Our team has longstanding liaisons with expert child evaluators, and can thus provide you with an unrivaled umbrella service that meets all your needs. As Arizona courts always prioritize the child’s best interests, we invariably recommend that evaluation interviews include talks with both parents, and also the child. In our experience, close liaison between all parties involved is the key to optimizing outcome success, and we are able to appoint an evaluation professional whose area of expertise exactly matches the requirements of your individual case.

Courts only grant modification orders that they perceive to be legitimate, and proving legitimacy is not always straightforward. A court will not grant custody order modifications if it feels that parents are attempting to modify a custody agreement merely to undermine the original ruling, or to limit the access rights of the other parent. If the court feels that the child’s best interests are in direct conflict with the parent’s wish to modify the custody order, it is likely to appoint a guardian ad litem attorney, to represent the interests of the child.

Even the most legitimate reasons to modify the agreement (for example, work necessitating relocation to another state) must still be proven to be legitimate, and in the child’s best interests.

If you have a child custody agreement that requires legitimate modification, you need expert help to be sure of the best possible outcome for both you and your child. Contact the Cantor Law Group via phone or email, and ask to speak with a Phoenix child custody lawyer. Our initial free consultation service will leave you in no doubt that your child custody modification case is being placed in the best possible hands.