Fathers Rights in Arizona

Fathers going through the painful process of separation or divorce frequently experience the additional upset of being denied fair and legitimate access to their child or children. While courts have traditionally favored mothers in cases of custody and access rights, times are changing. Arizona courts now prioritize the best interests of the child, and recognize the importance of maintaining a close father-child relationship for the child’s overall quality of life and well-being. More than ever before, fathers have rights, even single unmarried fathers.

Fathers Rights: Married or Unmarried

Even in cases where married or unmarried father’s rights have previously been revoked, our attorneys have a high success rate when it comes to reestablishing familial relationships between father and child. We understand that people can and do change, and will present your changed circumstances to the court in a manner guaranteed to maximize your chance of a successful outcome. It is very important to keep in mind that fathers have custody rights in Arizona. Prior to 2013, the Arizona courts would generally award the Mother with custody but now they are starting with a 50/50 split and working things out from there.

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To be certain of the best possible conclusion when you seek visitation rights or joint custody of your child, it is essential that your case is presented to the court by an attorney who is an expert in the relevant field. Hiring an experienced family law attorney is a crucial first step in ensuring that your rights as a father are upheld.

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