Establishing Guardianship in Arizona

In its legal sense, the term ‘guardian’ has several possible meanings. In Arizona law, parents are usually considered to be the ‘natural guardians’ of their minor children. ‘Natural guardians’ assume physical and financial responsibility for their children until they become adults.

Guardian ad Litem in Arizona

During divorce proceedings, when emotions are frequently running high, the motivation for parents’ actions or wishes is sometimes called into question. In such circumstances, the court will often appoint a ‘guardian ad litem’; an independent expert in assessing what is in the child’s best interests. The guardian ad litem assumes the decision-making responsibility for the child, by assessing the child’s needs, and reporting back to the court regarding matters such as parental custody and visitation rights.

The appointment of a guardian ad litem can often be extremely upsetting for the child’s natural parents, as they perceive their parental responsibility to have been usurped. Parents often have many unanswered questions as to their rights and the best course of action to take, and are unsure where to obtain the best advice. In such circumstances, consulting an attorney who is an expert in the relevant field is essential.

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