Legal Custody

Arizona Legal Custody Attorney

Legal custody entails being responsible for the major decisions that will impact a child’s life. Parents that have custody make important decisions on behalf of their child, including the nature of their education, health and dental care, and the role that religion will play in their upbringing.

When couples with children divorce, it is preferable for them to arrive at a joint legal custody agreement, through close liaison and mutual co-operation. Most parents are able to put aside their differences and create a joint custody agreement that will best serve the needs of their child. Others find the best solution is to delegate all parental responsibility to just one parent, thereby removing potential sources of conflict. Some parents feel that the other parent is incapable, for whatever reason, of participating in the child’s care. When parents fail to reach mutual agreement, the matter is decided before the Arizona courts. In such circumstances, it is better for all concerned, and particularly the child, if a resolution is obtained in the shortest possible time, with a minimum of upset and disruption.

Arizona courts stress the importance of co-operative parenting, and granting sole custody of a child to one parent alone is not the norm. As all parties will be permanently affected by legal custody decisions, it is essential to consult a legal expert in the field of child custody cases.

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