Physical Custody

Many legal proceedings can be complex and difficult to understand, and that is why it is always important to consult with a well-respected and knowledgeable attorney in order to get the desired results in court. Custody cases are particularly intricate as there are many different factors affecting the outcome, including physical custody, sole or joint custody, and legal custody. The children’s best interests are always at the heart of the court’s concerns in such cases, but this is never easy to decide if the parents cannot decide upon and agree to a custodial plan themselves. In Arizona, a parenting plan is part of the divorce procedure, and this is designed to ensure that the emotional well being and physical safety of the child are taken into consideration. It is essential that before submitting any parental care plan, you seek the advice of an Arizona custody attorney to ensure that the plan protects your parental rights and obligations, and that you understand it fully.

Custody Lawyer in Phoenix, Arizona

If a fair and agreeable custody plan cannot be arranged by the parents on their own terms, it may be necessary to enlist the services of a legal team to mediate the process. Here at the Cantor Law Group, we have a number of experienced family lawyers who can assist you throughout the entire process and ensure that the end result is fair and just for you and your children. In such mediation cases, it is not necessary for the courts to become involved, except in order to present the finalized decision. When a judge receives the outcome of a third-party evaluation, the court can adopt or edit the recommendations if they see fit. If the custodial situation is still in dispute, a number of factors are considered including the stability and living environments of each parent, among other things. The number one priority for the courts is always to determine the best interests of the child or children involved in each case, and decisions will be made accordingly.

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