Decree of Dissolution/Final Judgment

Understanding the Decree of Dissolution/Final Judgment

The Decree of Dissolution/Final Judgment is the final document the courts give to a couple at the end of their divorce. It shows how everything has been divided, what the child support and custody arrangements are, and whether or not there is any spousal support to be paid. All of these questions are answered during the negotiations phase, and once the parties, their lawyers, and the courts have reached a final agreement, the court will present its final judgment. The judgment includes the dissolution of the marriage, which means that both parties are no longer considered married.

What the law says:

Title 25, Chapter 3, Article 2, Section 25-312 of the Arizona State Legislatures says that dissolution of marriage can only be delivered if all of the following is true:


  • All children, whether natural or adopted, of both parties are considered and accounted for in the division of property.
  • One of the parties has been living in the state for 90 days prior to filing a petition for dissolution of marriage.
  • The marriage is irrevocably broken. In the case of a covenant marriage, one of the grounds listed in Chapter 7, Article 1, Section 25-903 must have been broken.
  • The conciliation provisions have been met or do not apply to this particular marriage.

For division of property, Arizona is a community property state, which means that the assets may not be split down the middle. Sometimes, negotiations allow one party to take on more of the debts in order to retain more of the assets, or the parent who retains custody of the children may be awarded a greater portion of the assets. A Phoenix divorce lawyer from the Cantor Law Group is able to help you achieve your goals through the asset and debt division process, ensuring that your best interests are shown in the final judgment. Determining this before filing a petition for dissolution is a good idea, but only if you have a qualified Arizona family law attorney on your side. Please contact our offices at (602) 254-8880 to schedule a free consultation.

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