Default Judgement

When you are summoned to court through legal documents that the courts have served to you, chances are good that the default judgement will be favor of the other party. At Cantor Law Group, we want our clients to avoid a default judgement whenever possible, as these rarely go in their favor. That is why we urge you to respond to all legal documents you receive and to be present at all court dates throughout your divorce. If you are uncertain about how to respond to a legal document, one of our qualified family law attorneys will be glad to assist you.

Failing to respond to legal documentation is usually detrimental to your situation, both legally and financially. If you are planning to contest the divorce, ignoring paperwork is not the answer. Instead, you need to hire a divorce attorney and ensure that you and your attorney are in court when required. There is simply too much at risk to leave this to chance. If you are facing a pending default judgement, contact our firm now for a free, confidential consultation with an Arizona family law lawyer to learn about your rights.

Hiring the right Phoenix Divorce Attorney

One of the most important steps in the divorce process as you seek to avoid a default judgement is hiring the right Arizona divorce attorney. Cantor Law Group has a team of highly qualified professionals who have a combined experience of over 70 years and are listed in the bar Register of Pre-Eminent Lawyers®. These credentials give you confidence when you work with us for your Arizona divorce.

Whether you are facing a question about a default judgement or simply want sound legal advice as you begin the divorce process, you need Cantor Law Group. Call our offices today at (602) 254-8880 or use our confidential online form to schedule your free initial consultation. Let us walk you through the divorce process so you can carefully and effectively protect your rights.