Dissolution Petition

Dissolution Petition Filing

At the outset of divorce proceedings, the “petition for dissolution of marriage”, also known as “divorce papers”, has to be filed. This document is usually filed by the attorney of one of the partners of the marriage. Once this is filed, the document is then served on the other partner of the marriage. The document itself goes into quite a bit of detail, and as such can be difficult for a non- to understand. To be able to make sense of a dissolution petition, it is best for you to have a lawyer look it over. If you have plans to file such a document, you should get in touch with one of the Phoenix, Arizona divorce lawyers who practices with our firm. Doing so will guarantee that your dissolution petition is completed according to correct procedure.

Cantor Law Group consists of a team of talented divorce lawyers knowledgeable in every facet of divorce. Having such experience on your side is important, since the dissolution petition is merely the beginning of a divorce. After this document has been filed, the next step is negotiating among the spouses, and then court. Finally, a settlement must be put into effect. Through all of these difficult steps, our experienced lawyers will be there to help you. When you utilize one of our attorneys, you can be sure that you will get forceful representation for the duration of the divorce proceedings. You need only contact us to begin your dissolution petition. Please contact our firm at (602) 254-8880 to schedule your free consultation. You can send us an email through our secure and confidential form.

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