Enforcement of Court Orders

Enforcement of Child Support, Child Custody, Settlements and Alimony Court orders

Once the divorce proceedings have concluded and custody has been settled, it is time for the court to set an amount of child support that must be paid. The amount of spousal support to be paid may also be set at this point. The enforcement of a court order becomes useful if an ex-spouse has been ordered to pay support but is not doing so. The support payment may be gained through enforcement of a court order. This action most commonly applies to a parent shirking their child support obligations. In this case, wages may be garnished from the parent’s paycheck. The garnished wages will then be forwarded to you, so that they may be used to take care of your child. If you have a court settlement and your ex-spouse is not following the guidelines of it, you should get in touch with a divorce attorney in Phoenix as soon as you can.

We at the Cantor Law Group undertake the task of explaining the legal options that are available to our clients. Our attorneys also let clients know how likely they are to get the settlement they hope for. In fact, any aspect of the case that may be up in the air before court proceedings begin will be tended to. Our attorneys are tactful and sensitive, as we have much experience with family cases. Overall, our goal is to get your life and your children’s lives back on track as quickly as we can.

Phoenix, Arizona divorce attorney dealing in enforcements

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If you are being refused the money owed to you by your ex-spouse, you need to get in touch with one of our divorce lawyers in Phoenix so that you can learn the actions available to you and work toward the enforcement of your court order.