High Net Worth Divorce

The higher your worth in a divorce, the greater the need for an experienced divorce attorney. In any divorce, it is important to hire a lawyer who will represent your best interests and ensure your rights and assets are protected. In Arizona, when you have higher valued assets such as bank accounts, cars, properties, investments and businesses to consider, you need representation that is not only experienced with divorce cases, but high net worth divorces. The more assets there are to divide, the more complicated divorce proceedings become.

Cantor Law Group has an experienced team of investigators and paralegals ready to support your case and provide all necessary valuations. It is our duty to our clients and their families to help guide them through divorces as smoothly and beneficially as possible. As one of the top divorce law firms in Arizona, we have successfully helped clients in highly complex high net worth divorce cases. From settlement arrangements and avoiding litigation to representing you in court, our extensive knowledge will be there every step of the way.

We are proud to offer you the excellent reputation and trial skills of proven professionals. If you need legal help in your high asset & high net worth divorce, don’t hesitate to call a Phoenix divorce attorney from the Cantor Law Group today. Our offices are avilable 24 hours a day at (602) 254-8880 or via our secure and confidential web form.

Phoenix Divorce Attorney Excellence

Cantor Law Group has over 70 years of combined experience , so you can be certain we truly have the experience to handle even the most complex high net worth cases. We will fight for your rights and assets. Our attorneys are AV® Rated by Martindale-Hubbell® and our firm is listed as a Member of Arizona’s Finest Lawyers®. Our knowledge of divorce law and dedication to clients has led us to be listed in the bar Register of Pre-Eminent Lawyers®. We understand every possible way assets can be transferred and hidden, so let us evaluate your situation today so you receive everything you deserve in your divorce.

You should never settle for less in a high net worth divorce. Choose representation that will fight for your every right. We understand how much is on the line and our group of skilled professionals will help you every step of the way. While the Cantor Law Group will work towards an agreeable settlement, if your case goes to court, you know you have the best Arizona has to offer working for you. Please contact our offices to- schedule a consultation for advice about your situation.