The role of Mediation in Divorce Proceedings

A divorce can be a difficult, scary event. Emotions can come out at inopportune moments. No matter how friendly the two parties involved are to each other, the process of working out matters such as child custody, child support payments, and asset and property distribution can be trying. This is why if you are thinking of filing for divorce, a divorce attorney in Phoenix, Arizona should be contacted. Our knowledgeable lawyers will help you to get the best settlement possible.

Sometimes the best option for working out the details of the divorce is mediation. Simply put, mediation consists of bringing in a neutral party to help the divorcees reach a settlement. Having a neutral party present helps to keep the tone of divorce proceedings civil, and often leads to an agreeable compromise.

It is worth noting that divorce lawyers cannot act as the mediator for divorce proceedings in which they have a vested interest. In other words, they cannot be the mediator if they are representing one of the divorcing parties. When you are in need of forceful representation for your divorce proceedings, you should get in touch with one of our attorneys at (602) 254-8880. The amount of experience our lawyers have is unrivaled, and as such we are more than qualified to help you with the details of your divorce settlement.

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Mediation Attorneys serving Phoenix, Arizona

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