Prenuptial Agreements

Is a Prenuptial Agreement for you?

Prenuptial agreements used to be only for the wealthy, but have long since become a commonplace procedure at the outset of a marriage. Of course, the goal of such an arrangement is to guard one’s assets and finances in the event that the marriage does not work out. People who have a large amount of assets are well advised to get a prenuptial agreement since the potential financial complications of a marriage and divorce are many. People often feel better about the marriage once they have taken this step. At Cantor Law Group, we can create a prenuptial agreement for any type of client. A prenuptial agreement from us is concise and easy to read, even for those with no experience in law. We are very experienced in the drafting of such documents. We can also handle cohabitation agreements, as well as post-nuptials.

Protecting your finances with a prenuptial agreement

Simply explained, a prenuptial agreement consists of a document that is filed before marriage. This type of document can also be called a premarital agreement. Such an agreement lays out the respective property rights of the couple, as well as other issues.

There are several requirements that must be met in order for the prenuptial agreement to be valid:

  1. The agreement in question must not be the result of coercion or fraud.
  2. Both of the parties must know fully the property with which the agreement is concerned.
  3. The agreement in question must be fair and reasonable.

In the event of a divorce, common issues addressed by a premarital agreement include:

  • The disposing of premarital property.
  • The disposing of property that was obtained after the divorce.
  • The treatment of the parties’ income after the marriage.
  • The treatment of debt that was acquired before and after the marriage.
  • The treatment of retirement accounts and investments.
  • Spousal maintenance.

Care must be taken when preparing a premarital agreement that is both appropriate and enforceable. The best-case scenario is both parties being represented by professional attorneys. This helps to avoid possible fraud or coercion allegations.

A prenuptial agreement can be challenged in court, an event that is not altogether uncommon, especially when there are large sums of money involved. We at Cantor Law Group can draft the prenuptial agreement so that it stands up to challenges that may arise later on.

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