Request for Reconciliation

Should you have an ongoing divorce suit but you and your partner choose to reunite and stop the proceedings, you must ensure that the correct legal document is submitted in order to halt the finalization of your divorce. Your lawyer will be able to attend to this on your behalf. It is probable that you will require a written statement, which is signed by both your spouse and yourself, which will also be signed and/or witnessed by the lawyers of both parties. This document is then submitted to the court as evidence that you wish to stop the divorce from going ahead. If your spouse and yourself require to submit a request for reconciliation get in touch with a divorce lawyer immediately to help you process this request.

Cantor Law Group offers premier levels of representation to people who are involved in any aspect of divorce, including when the parties have reconciled and wish to bring divorce proceedings to an end before the divorce process is fully concluded. If you are engaged in a divorce matter but have now re-established your relationship and your marriage then we at the Cantor Law Group are dedicated to helping our clients in this and any other such legal matters. If you find yourself in just such a position then we advise you to contact the Cantor Law Group at once so we can begin to work on your behalf as soon as possible. Our offices can be reached 24 hours a day at (602) 254-8880 or via our secure confidential email form.

Phoenix Divorce Attorney

The firm of the Cantor Law Group has become renowned over the years as one of the finest divorce and family court law firms serving Phoenix and the surrounding Arizona area. We have collectively more than 70-years legal experience. We at the Cantor Law Group are well versed in all aspects of divorce and reconciliation and we understand the need to stop divorce proceedings without delay when both parties have decided to get back together. Cantor Law Group is named as members of Arizona’s Finest lawyers®. Listed in the bar Register of Pre-Eminent Lawyers®.

If you and your spouse have decided to cancel your divorce it is imperative that you contact a Phoenix Arizona divorce lawyer at the Cantor Law Group today. Call to arrange an initial free consultation with one of our legal professionals now.