The Discovery Process

In a nutshell the discovery process is a legal term for a procedure which takes place before a hearing during which both parties elect to reveal all relevant facts and due verification of same to one another. In the matter of divorce proceedings it often happens that one party learns about property or possessions belonging to the other, which could have remained undisclosed in previous instances.

Therefore the discovery process is essential to ensure your lawyer is in possession of all key facts. It is crucial in all court cases that both parties are working towards the same outcome and to withhold information or assets of any kind at this stage is against the law. The discovery process is a vital aspect in any divorce, more especially in cases where one of the parties has many valuable assets. To understand more fully the discovery process in your divorce proceedings contact the Cantor Law Group today for a free consultation. Our offices are available 24 hours a day at (602) 254-8880 or via our secure and confidential web form.

Cantor Law Group are a team of experienced and skilled professionals who have had decades in helping people just like you. We at the Cantor Law Group will take you through the whole process: from the initial consultation, to filing petition, to preliminary injunctions, temporary orders, the discovery process; and to the final settlement. Cantor Law Group makes sure everything is clearly explained to you at every step along the way. Our job as your divorce attorney is to guide and assist you through the divorce process at this difficult time in your life and you can rest assured that all Cantor Law attorneys are professional, experienced and outstanding at trial.

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