Arizona Divorce and Relocation

There are many situations that arise where it may be necessary for one parent to move away from an area after a divorce or separation. Whether this is for work or personal reasons, things can become very complicated when there are children involved. If custody and visitation rights have already been agreed on, this could have severe implications on those existing agreements. If these things have not yet been agreed on, it can become very difficult to agree upon terms. The preferred legal resolution is that the two parents can agree on a plan together and present this to the court. If this cannot be done, a legal case may have to be built in order to resolve the issue.

If you are in this situation and need to protect your parental rights, and ensure that the custodial and visitation agreements are fair on you and the children, you need to speak to an Arizona divorce attorney for a free consultation so that you can determine the best cause of action.

Understanding the Arizona laws that are in place is essential to getting a just and fair outcome from the legal proceedings. If the parent with physical custody is the one who is planning to relocate to a new area, they must give notice to the other parent at least 60 days prior to the proposed move and apply to the family court. In all cases, the court will be concerned primarily with the best interests of the child or children involved, and this can be extremely difficult to determine in such cases, as the situation can be extremely difficult and complex. If the parent has been given a job offer, for example, and is not simply relocating to move the child away from the area, it can be difficult to determine what the best interests are.

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That is why enlisting in the services of an experienced family lawyer is essential to getting the right results. There are many things to consider in such a case, and simply moving away without applying to the courts is never advisable, as this could be considered as being parental kidnapping.

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