Cantor Law Group is here to help you through any type of divorce proceedings. Our extensive knowledge and experience with Arizona family law has led us to become one of the top legal firms. We are dedicated to helping you understand the laws that affect your particular case, including information about your entitlements and rights. If you are going through a divorce, contact one of our firm’s Phoenix divorce lawyers today for a case consultation. We will guide you towards the best possible course of action for you.

Areas of Practice

Our attorneys practice in all areas of divorce law. Cantor Law Group’s attorneys are all highly experienced and understand the ins and outs of divorce law to best prepare your case. For more information on our areas of expertise, please visit any of the links below:

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Divorce cases are not a one size fits all. Our experience includes all types of cases. You need representation for your exact case type. We are prepared and ready to handle divorce cases of all types including:

Every divorce case has its own set of procedures. It is vital for your attorney to understand the unique processes involved in each divorce. We also handle any of the legal processes and procedures that may be a part of your individual divorce case including:

We don’t stop here, though. Your divorce isn’t over until it is finalized. Cantor Law Group works with you through the entire process including the finalization of your divorce which may include:


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One of the most painful parts of a divorce is the child custody battle. We will guide you through the complicated process during child support and custody cases. Cantor Law Group is here to represent you throughout all of the legal processes including:

We fully understand how sensitive these cases are. We are dedicated to fighting for the best interests of both you and your child.

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[toggle title=”Spousal Support and Alimony”]
At the end of your divorce case, any agreements regarding child and/or spousal support will be made. Should your ex-spouse refuse to follow these orders, the court will be forced to enforce them. Our firm is here to help you throughout these proceedings, including:

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Even after your divorce, guardianship and child custody issues may still occur. These can happen even outside of a divorce in certain circumstances. The attorneys of the Cantor Law Group understand every aspect of Arizona family law and are ready to help with any of your guardianship related legal issues. Your guardianship case is affected by a variety of scenarios, including:

After we have thoroughly explored your specific case, a guardianship judgment will be made granting custody between the parents or other guardians. The type of custody will depend upon each individual case and the best interests of the children involved. Different custody options include:

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[toggle title=”Grandparents Rights”]
Grandparents may also be able to seek visitation rights. Should your son-in-law or daughter-in-law prevent you from seeing your grandchildren, let us guide you through discovering your legal rights. Contact the Cantor Law Group today to see how we can help you see your grandchildren again.

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[toggle title=”Domestic Abuse”]
If there is any alleged domestic abuse, which includes both child abuse and spousal abuse, the court can issue a protection order. This order helps to protect the victim or victims from the alleged abuser. We also work alongside you to gain this court order and handle visitation rights. In these circumstances, visitation may be denied completely to the perpetrator or extremely limited.

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[toggle title=”The Best Interest of the Child”]
Courts use the doctrine “The Best Interest of the Child” to make judgments according to what will be best for any children who may be involved. A social worker is typically assigned to the case to provide an unbiased viewpoint on the child’s best interests. The social worker and the court work to find the best possible visitation, child support amount, living situation and other important issues for your children.

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[toggle title=”Parental Kidnapping”]
Whenever a child is removed by another parent without the agreement of the other, this is referred to as parental kidnapping. This often happens when one parent isn’t granted visitation or custody of their child. Although parental kidnapping isn’t considered in quite the same way as “normal” kidnapping, both state and federal laws have been created to thoroughly punish the kidnapper. Cantor Law Group will help you through these proceedings.

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[toggle title=”Parental Alienation”]
When a child no longer wishes to spend time with a certain parent, this affects the results of custody hearings. In many cases, this is the result of parental alienation where a child gradually develops a hatred or intense dislike of one parent. Alienation may occur due to being separated from that parent or a negative influence from the other parent.

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[toggle title=”Adoption”]
Even after a child has been given up for adoption, the biological parents may still be able to get their child back. Parents may change their mind during a set grace period. After this period has passed, it becomes extremely difficult to reverse the decision. Let our attorneys help you make the right decision for you since the decision you make could very well be non-reversible.

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[toggle title=”Relocation”]
If you should relocate after a divorce in which children are involved, relocation may mean seeing less of your children. In joint custody cases, you may not be allowed to take the child with you when you move. Relocation can be tricky to resolve, so understand your rights before relocating so you ensure you always get to see your child.

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[toggle title=”Appeals”]
If you feel a judgment is unfair, your next course of action is the appeal. While most judgments can be appealed, the process is both time consuming and costly. If you are looking to appeal either child or spousal support payments, be certain you

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